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Great chefs never give their secrets away, but Chef Cristian Borchi is the exception that proves the rule. Not only is he willing to share with you the secrets that make his cuisine great, but he is also happy to nourish your culinary talents with a brief (2 hours) but intensive cookery course held in Villa Campestri’s wonderful kitchen. From one lesson on a single topic to 5 lessons, divided into 5 mornings. Enjoy!

Simply Olive Oil

You will learn how easy it is to cook a complete menu with Olive Oil and fresh high-quality ingredients without even cooking them! We will combine Olive Oil with food using different Oils with different sensory profiles, which are responsable for aroma and taste. Program: thinly sliced fresh porcini mushrooms (if available) or seasonal vegetables with rocket salads and shaves of seasoned cheese; caprese (sliced tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese); panzanella (Tuscan bread salad made from day-old bread marinated in tomatoes, cucumber, Olive Oil, vinegar, salt and basil); steak tartare with morsels of fresh cheese and julienne peppers; seasonal fresh fruit and "zabaglione" with extra-virgin olive oil.

Handmade Pasta: Master this age-old Art

Pasta making is a popular tradition in Tuscany. Chef Cristian Borchi unfold the secrets of making high-quality pasta at home to the amazement of your guests! You will learn how to prepare basic egg pasta dough in many colours and in many different shapes, such as "tagliatelle". You will learn how to prepare "gnocchi di patate" (or potato dumplings), "tortelli di patate", typical homemade egg pasta stuffed with potatoes, and "ravioli" with spinach and ricotta cheese (preparation of pasta and filling).

Tuscan Sauces: Are you feeling Saucy?

To spice up the pasta and more, you will learn how to prepare: the meat sauce, the sauce with fresh tomatoes, "pesto", sauce of fresh porcini mushrooms (if available) or "salsiccia e funghi secchi" (Tuscan sausage and dried porcini mushrooms), walnut sauce, and the most typical Tuscan sauce for the "crostino nero", a sort of chicken liver paté flavored with capers and anchovies.

Bread, Pizza and Focaccia

Learn how to make bread dough and the basic pizza dough. It is fairly easy as long as you follow a couple of simple, yet critical, instructions and tips. Become an expert on how to prepare: Fantasia of bread, Sandwiches with olive oil, Focaccia, Pizza "Margherita".

Learn how to make Traditional Tuscan Desserts

To finish, for dessert, we show you how to make the most famous traditional Tuscan desserts: cantuccini di Prato (also in dark chocolate version) to dip in Vin Santo; the "torta di ricotta del pastore", shepherd's ricotta cheese pie and torta della nonna, literally Grandmother's cake, a sort of tarte with a cream filling accompanied with fresh homemade seasonal fruit compote (strawberries in spring, peaches and apricots in summer, figs in late summer and early autumn, chestnuts in late autumn). You will then learn how to prepare the sumptuous "zuppa Inglese", the English trifle, Pellegrino Artusi style. Chef Borchi will add historical notes on Pellegrino Artusi, the great-grandfather of the Italian cuisine.

During the lessons, participants can practise all aspects of the preparation of these dishes, and afterwards have the possibility of tasting the food at lunch. A lesson on 1 topic is € 100,00 per person, two lessons on 2 topics is € 200,00 per person, recipes included. Price per lesson (cycle of 3, 4 or 5 topics) is € 60,00 per lesson per person. Minimum 2 participants.


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