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AmorOlio – a workshop dedicated to the Tuscan kitchen at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort...Close your eyes and imagine yourself standing in a grove of silvery jade olive trees, holding a handful of freshly plucked, perfectly unblemished olives that give off a sensual aroma of their oil to come. It’s the feel of the perfectly plump oval green olive, just before it goes to press. And then imagine the taste of freshly pressed oil dripped over a crisp focaccia, or over a plate of tortelli, or in a delicate risotto.

It’s all there, in the feel of the olives before they go almost immediately from the tree to the mill, to be ground and pressed into the oil you can only envision as the olive is plucked from the tree.

Has it been difficult to imagine? Then come along this March to AmorOlio – a workshop dedicated to the Tuscan kitchen - at Villa Campestri where you’ll immerse yourself in the Italian world of olive oil and savory traditional Tuscan cuisine for seven delicious days. Your expert guides will be veteran food writer Nancy Harman Jenkins, who’s lived and written in Tuscany for more than forty years, Chef Roberto “Jerry” Zanzieri and Paolo Pasquale, the soul of Villa Campestri and its precious olive oil along with his two daughters Gemma and Viola. They’ll bring you into traditional small artisan workshops and kitchens of Tuscany, where you’ll discover local foods as they’ve been created over the years, fresh pastas and many Tuscan dishes lovingly prepared at home.

And they’ll guide you in a gastronomic tour wandering into special places and tasting the true earthy dishes of the region. You’ll spend seven days immersed in the Mugello countryside above Florence, returning each evening to your beautifully furnished rooms in the immaculately restored 13th century Villa Campestri.

AmorOlio: the very name says Tuscany. This is a workshop dedicated to the love of food and nature, but also to new adventures and new tastes. And, at the end of your experience, you’ll again close your eyes and this time time you’ll actually experience all you could only dream of before, and reminisce over the tasty memory of the best fresh olive oil ever.

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