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An International Course for the Assessors of Olive Oil of Onaoo at Villa Campestri. | Print |  E-mail

ONAOO, the national Italian organization of official Tasters of Olive Oil (Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Olio d’Oliva) will gather at Villa Campestri next April (2013) for the year’s official tasting course.  It’s a real honor, and we are thrilled to be hosting such an event.

If Villa Campestri can be called the grand Temple of Olive Oil, the ONAOO is without doubt its magnificent master of ceremony. Born in the region of Imperia in 1983 at the impetus of the local Chambers of Commerce and a group of olive oil specialists, the organization thrives on its commitment to defend, promote and protect the important cultural and technical heritage that is the art of tasting and discerning the best quality olive oil.

The ONAOO is the place to exchange ideas, to debate quality and protect its preservation.  It has a philosophy that matches the enthusiasm of the experts at Villa Campestri – under the aegis of Paolo Pasquali and his daughters Gemma and Viola – who have labored for years to perfect the awareness of fine olive oil, and to find ways to enhance and maintain the quality of their own oil throughout the year.

And the good news is that in April of next year, the international course for tasters of olive oil will take place within the historic walls of Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort, in the hills of the Mugello, above Florence.  This is a great honor, and a great opportunity to learn how to be a connoisseur of the fine qualities of olive oil, not only in the company of the finest specialist, but also to be immersed in the wonderful blend of nature and tradition of the restored 14th century Villa Campestri.

Here are all the particulars of the event, and how you can be among the participants.

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