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At Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort petsitting service is active for your pets | Print |  E-mail

Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort loves nature and all animals: we think that going on vacation should not be a problem for those who have a pet as best friend!

In our Villa, in the heart of Mugello, your pets are always welcome: they will have huge spaces to enjoy a holiday with you, in the midst of nature.

To try to make their and your stays more pleasant, this year we decided to offer a pet-sitting service!

The service is open to all kinds of pets: there is one hour of service per day, with a walk in the park. For pets, like dogs and cats a nice hair brush is included and at the end all animals will receive a tasty surprise gift!

This service will give you the opportunity to explore historic sites and monuments of the Mugello, where your animals cannot enter, and be sure that in the meantime your pet will be looked after with care!

The cost of the service is € 25 per hour. You can request the service when you arrive at Villa Campestri or at the time of booking.

What are you waiting for? Even your pet deserves a vacation with you!

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