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Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort Goes on TV: Don’t miss us in the program of Gianfranco Vissani: I’ll Take You There (Ti ci porto io) | Print |  E-mail

It’s happening at Villa Campestri. In the past few days the crew of the La7 television program, I’ll Take You There (Ti ci porto io), with Gianfranco Vissani and Michela Rocco, arrived at Villa Campestri to film our story: the wonders of our Resort and our major activity, the story of our olive oil, of course.

Plant your own tree at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort | Print |  E-mail

It’s an exciting, even emotional moment. Those who have already experienced it can tell you. The touch of nature is so very important to all of us at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort that we are offering our guests a special experience. You’ll not only find  the perfect inn in the heart of the Mugello for families and their occasions, perfectly pet friendly, but you can add an unforgettable moment to take part in the very soul of Campestri: planting an  olive.

Bike Trips from Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort: Discovering the Mugello | Print |  E-mail

Bicycling through the hills of the Mugello from the Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort is an intense way to feel the beauties of the area.  Before the sun begins to softly set, when the evening air is at its freshest and a light wind wafts over the hills of the Mugello, it’s the perfect moment to begin a bicycle outing, viewing the sun’s setting from all the angles of the road.

Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort on New York Times: an article of Mort Rosemblum | Print |  E-mail

An article of great reporter and journalist Mort Rosemblum on Herald Tribune, the International edition of New York Times, talks about Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort, Paolo Pasquali and power of olive oil culture. Here the full text!

In and Around Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort: The Sagra del Tortello at Borgo San Lorenzo | Print |  E-mail

Summer in Tuscany means an abundance of  “sagras,” local festivals celebrating traditional dishes that take place throughout July and August in towns of the entire region. In the Mugello, the tortello is the dish to celebrate: a potato-stuffed ravioli that sounds like it might be heavy, but always turns out to be a delicious, even light,  opener to any typical meal of the region. It’s certainly a must in our menu at the Villa Campestri, and our chef Roberto Zanieri is a master at preparing this traditional dish. Last spring, at our annual AmorOlio week, our guests learned how to prepare them as well. At Villa Campestri tradition and modernity blend to create a veritable magic for the palate.

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