Carnival 2019: the most beautiful places in Tuscany to celebrate it

viareggio carnival in tuscany

Carnival is a magical moment full of joy loved by adults and children. Discover with us of Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort which are the most beautiful places in Tuscany where to celebrate the 2019 Carnival!

The Viareggio Carnival is the most famous Carnival in Tuscany: this is how it was born!

According to tradition, the Viareggio Carnival was born on the day of Shrove Tuesday in 1873 at the coffee tables of the Casino. Just then among a group of young people blossomed the idea of a parade of carriages to celebrate the Carnival.

The novelty compared to the celebrations that until now were held was to create a street event, to celebrate outdoors, among the people.

It then began a parade in the main street of the town, Via Regia: the success was enormous.

Celebrate the 2019 Carnival in Viareggio

Among the most beautiful places in Tuscany where to celebrate the 2019 Carnival there is certainly the mentioned Viareggio, the capital of the Carnival.

An international event that every year attracts the public to admire the world’s biggest and most famous allegorical floats in an ever new, exciting and fascinating show, but at the same time an artistic and cultural tradition that Viareggio jealously guards since 1873.

In 2019 the Viareggio Carnival celebrates the 146th anniversary of its manifestation with 5 Great Masked Courses in a month of great festivities.

Here is the program of the Carnival of Viareggio 2019:

  • Saturday 9 February;
  • Sunday 17 February;
  • Saturday 23 February;
  • Sunday 3 March;
  • Tuesday 5 March.

Throughout the month of March 2019 Viareggio becomes a real oasis of fun, including parades of papier-mache giants, night parties, fireworks shows and much more.

The Carnival in Tuscany is not just Viareggio

The joyful papier-mâché machines made by the master builders of Viareggio with over 25 artisan firms are certainly one of the highest expressions of the Carnival in Tuscany and in Italy.

Tourists from all over the world come to admire the wagons over 20 meters high, twelve wide, created to amaze the public and the highly selected jury that every year, at the end of the Carnival, decrees the winners.

But the Carnival in Tuscany is not just Viareggio. Throughout the region the cities welcome joyful fashion shows, colorful masks and lots of music for the enjoyment of young and old.

Mugello also has its excellence in the field of carnival and masks.

For years, the famous Berlingaccio Borghigiano has been celebrated in Borgo San Lorenzo, with atmospheres that lead back to the Venetian carnival, for the splendor of costumes and hairstyles. The streets of the city and the squares are enlivened by 400 masks, winged dragons and fascinating artists with fire.

The evening of Berlingaccio in Borgo San Lorenzo is the nocturnal Carnival created and promoted by the Idea Theater, with the collaboration of the Municipality and associations.

If you want to experience a show of great charm and intensity, Mugello waits for you to celebrate the 2019 Carnival in one of the most beautiful places in Tuscany!

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