OliveToLive – conquering Spain!

OliveToLive arrives at La Taberna del Gourmet

La Taberna del Gourmet is the second restaurant group in Spain to invest in Gourmet OliveToLive Alicante.

A very special lunch paired with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, selected by Chef María José San Román, was the moment to present the new OliveToLive at Raco De La Taberna del Gourmet on Friday June 7th. María José San Román, the Monastrell restaurant chef who oversees the restaurant kitchen for the whole group,  in 2011 placed OliveToLive in their Monastrell restaurant.

OliveToLive is an innovative system for storing extra virgin olive oils created by Paolo Pasquali in 2008. Olive oils degrade over time due to the negative effects caused by contact with oxygen and exposure to light and inadequate temperatures. The OliveToLive system has been designed to protect the oils from both oxygen and light and to keep them at a temperature of around 16°c, ensuring that each drop is as good as the first day of production.

On this occasion, the team from Taberna del Gourmet prepared 15 dishes to pair with oils, knowing exactly how to match the two always; from a tuna tartare with Hojiblanco from Almazaras de la Subbética, a Veal Dakota with Picual from Oro de Bailén, a solid oil spread made Canena Royal Castle and to finish with a lemon ice Tot Oli an oil by the Valencian Todolí Vincent, former director of the Tate Modern Gallery in London, also present in the event.

A meal where the protagonist was Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a range from different Spanish producers who attended the event; José Gálvez – director of Gold Bailén, Hugo Quintanilla – Technical Director of Señoríos de Relleu, Rafaela Ortegas from Ortegas and Matas Lucia representing Almazaras de la Subbética.

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Raquel Perramón San Román – 691 555 018


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