Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort: emotions never end

season 2017 Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort

Even this year the season at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort ended with the arrival of the Autumn and the first cold days. As with 2016, it was an incredible season we want to remember with you, you that have lived with us and that have contributed to making it so special.

The culinary specialties of Villa Campestri

Throughout the 2017 season we delighted you with our culinary specialties, made of ancient flavors and genuine products.

Well, this year, we’ve spoiled you with recipes that are researched, dishes with unique flavors that can remain imprinted in memory.

All thanks to our Chef Cristian Borchi who, with his great talent, did not miss a chance to astonish you.

Do you want to taste again the specialties prepared for you by our chef?

No problem, here is a list of dishes that really impressed you and that, even just reading them, will make you drool over:

  • Black ravioli with cod and potatoes over a cream of chard,
  • Polenta with porcini mushrooms and “nipitella”,
  • “Tagliata” of beef cooked on fire and grilled vegetables,
  • Beans tortelli with “uccelletto” sauce,
  • “Cannolo Siciliano” with gorgonzola ice cream and walnut grain.

Not so bad, isn’t it? Not to mention when we organized the “Spicy Evening”, a truly spectacular menu!

The Food Truck evening at Villa Campestri

For a whole night, Villa Campestri has changed mood and the luxury resorts have become a praise to street food, all in tuscan key.

With the arrival of the Food Truck driven by our Chef Cristian Borchi, we really impressed you, a van equipped with the best supplies to make the typical dishes of Tuscan “street cooking”.

Pasta, potatoes, vegetables, but above all she, the “porchetta”!

Tasty and special, to eat at the dish or on sandwich, was the queen of the evening! So much that the kids did not miss a chance to shoot a selfie in the company of the Chef and Queen of the evening.

August with fire and “Schiacciata”!

In the event of Ferragosto we have offered you a truly authentic and genuine experience, perfectly integrated with the traditions of this ancient land that is Mugello.

You have discovered a time-consuming ancient activity, you have tasted the pleasure of preparing the wood to turn the fireplace on, turn on the fire and continue to feed the flame while waiting for it to be alive to bake the delicious “Schiacciata” prepared with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

There is nothing more beautiful than an experience around the fireplace, perceiving the smells of the wood burning, warming in the heat of the fire, it almost seems to go back in time.

From spring to autumn without losing an emotion

Along with you we have experienced an extraordinary season, made of rich emotions that we will never forget.

During the spring we have seen exploding nature in a multitude of colors and scents, flowers becoming more beautiful and alive in the summer. Purple peonies, red roses and yellow broom are just some of the beautiful flowers that decorate our secular park.

In the summer, the warm days gathered young and old into our fresh park and the pool was filled with joy and fun. Dives, sketches and pleasant swimmers have featured the hottest days.

With the autumn came one of the most anticipated moments of Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort, the harvest of olives.
Armed with stairs, nets and passion for the olives world, we had an excellent collection that gave birth to our famous, fragrant and vibrant oil.
The emotions lived together this season are so many that we can not remember them all at once but we are sure that each of you will bring them into the heart.

We are waiting for you at Villa Campestri from spring 2018 to live together so many other emotions!

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