Let’s relive the emotions of this wonderful season spent together

The 2018 season of Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort

Autumn has come and unfortunately the 2018 season is almost over. We spent some really magical moments with you and for this we want to remember and relive the emotions of this wonderful season spent together!

Unforgettable moments spent in your company

With the arrival of the good season Villa Campestri turns into a real paradise where you can experience unique emotions.

We are in the heart of Mugello but only 35 km from Florence, a perfect location for moments of peace and relaxation combined with the pleasure of discovering some of the most famous museums in the world.

Thanks to our guests, the 2018 season at Villa Campestri has been truly unforgettable.

Together we welcomed the arrival of new pets at the Villa such as tender chicks and little hares, we have seen spectacular sunsets and breathtaking rainbows. With the good season the sky of Mugello is tinged with really enchanting shades.

Throughout the summer we enjoyed delicious aperitifs in the park in the cool of imposing trees, enjoying the delights prepared by our Chef Marco Muscas.

The most beautiful emotions of the 2018 season at Villa Campestri

The first weekend of June saw the Mugello protagonist of a great event for all lovers of two wheels: the Moto GP 2018. Every year at the Mugello racetrack takes place this exciting race and we live all the emotions of the race together to our guests.

In the warmer months the swimming pool and the panoramic terrace were the center of fresh relaxation moments, thanks also to the green of the ancient trees and the extraordinary view of the Mugello Valley whose colors seem to change at any time of the day inventing new shades.

In August we organized a delicious surprise that left you speechless: the evening Food Truck Pizza and Champagne! Thanks to the famous food truck of Passaguai and the tasty pizzas of Chef Cristian Borchi we spent an unforgettable evening.

We made you mouth water for the entire 2018 season. Delicacies like fresh tuna tartare with orange and burnt tomato sauce or the famous Culurgiones handmade by our talented Chef Marco Muscas are just some of our delicacies.

September took the heat away bringing cooler temperatures and gave us healthy and tasty emotions as when we made the “schiacciata all’olio” cooked in our wood oven.

In this month Villa Campestri has also seen beautiful newlyweds cross the ancient cypress avenue and then enjoy a delicious reception on our terrace with a panoramic view of the park and the valley.

One morning early October instead we started the day with a yoga session in the park, it was beautiful.

All summer was accompanied by magical moments such as the collection of cherries and strawberry grapes, cooking lessons and much more.

In short, the 2018 season at Villa Campestri was exciting and unforgettable. Even if we wish it never ends unfortunately it is ending, but we will be happy to see you again next year for new emotions to live together!

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