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Villa Campestri Olive Oil Restort, a hotel in the heart of the green  Mugello,can be the best natural setting to not only enjoy a romantic weekend, but also to celebrate your marriage, or all the moments you want to memorialize in life:  baptism, communion, anniversaries and all other occasions.   And we welcome groups of work colleagues who seek a weekend that offers a productive pleasurable ambience to enjoy together.

The comments we receive from those who have chosen to celebrate their marriage vows within the walls of Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort are music to our ears. We’ve already written about the opportunity to marry at our resort, and what we can offer to make the day memorable.  We’ve spoken about how you might pass several more days – before and after the marriage ceremony – surrounded by the most conducive nature, immersed in well being, along with friends and family.  Close your eyes and dream, turning the pages of images of a wedding ceremony with promises of eternal love in the soft light of our Mugello hills.

If, however, you’re not thinking so quickly of marriage, or have already taken the step, we can also offer plenty.  Villa Campestri is ready to organize ceremonies of all sorts for you, from baptism to communion to anniversary celebrations.

We’re pleased to also organize rewarding gatherings for groups of work colleagues.  Especially in this last category, we like to tell of the lovely experiences of colleagues who have gathered at Villa Campestri with the idea to intensify friendship and camaraderie.  We organize the group activities you want, hiking or traveling in the surrounding countryside.  Or what could be better than learning together in the tantalizing kitchen of the villa, perhaps to make the famous tortelli of our region?  Or, you might together plant an olive tree to memorialize your stay, a tree that will always bear the name of whoever plants it.

Every ceremony organized at Campestri has its own spirit. Located in the heart of the Mugello our resort is open to all, to families and their animals, engaged couples to be married here, groups that seek to strengthen their relationships.  We offer soothing solutions for all: nature, good food and the valued traditional comforts at Villa Campestir Olive Oil Resort.


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Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort
Via di Campestri 19/22
50039 Vicchio di Mugello (Firenze)
Tel. +39.0558490107
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