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If the olive harvest must be done carefully to avoid damage of the fruit, the more delicate process to obtain an extra-virgin olive oil quality is definitely working in the mill.

Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort has its own a mill that manages the entire process of production of our Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil ensuring the best quality product.

Olives are harvested in our olive grove, arrive to the mill within 24 hours from collection: to minimize the risk of degradation of the quality of the olives, it is important to process quickly the olives after harvesting.

After defoliation and washing, olive are immediately crushed to get a paste that is mixed in the "gramola". After about 40 minutes, the paste is then passed into the decanter, which allows to separate the oil from the rest.

At this point the oil is stored in stainless steel containers and placed under nitrogen for a perfect preservation. Bottling will take place only at the moment of the order.

From this year we also installed a chemical analysis laboratory, which allows us to immediately check the quality parameters of our oil: acidity, peroxide, polyphenols, and K270.

The analysis carried out on the "olio novo", has an acidity lower than 0.03%, the same that we have also found by analyzing last year olive oil stored under nitrogen. This value is well below the 0.3% acidity required by TREE for quality certification.

If you want to learn more about olive oil you can try one of our sensory experience or see a video of the olive harvest "Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort: The oil has its own resort".


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