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Among the most beautiful and famous castles in Mugello is undoubtedly "Il Trebbio", San Piero a Sieve. Located a few kilometers from Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort, the castle stands on Lombards remains and was already known at least in 1364, as a feudal fortress. 

In 1427 Cosimo de' Medici wanted to restructure the Castle and enrolled Michelozzo Michelozzi, the most famous architect at that time: in fact, the castle became the summer residence of the Medici family, a privileged place for hunting and breeding of birds, especially hawks.
Michelozzo kept the fortified aspect, starting from the guard tower, adding a walkway with brackets and retaining even a moat and a drawbridge.
To refine the structure and give the appearance of an elegant residence, however, Michelozzo decided to add some new features, such as the walled garden, unusual for that time.

According to legend, the name derives from the Latin 'Trivium' which means three ways: Trebbio Castle in fact is located on the ancient road that connected Florence to Bologna. Which was the third street historians are not entirely sure: certainly the strategic position allowed important communication control.
From the castle you can admire a great view over the Mugello Valley, as it stands at 500 meters above sea level.
The castle now belongs to a private and still it is possible to visit it upon reservation. The staff of Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort is at your disposal for further information.

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