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According to oriental philosophy, keeping the right balance between the energies of the body and mind enables you to preserve the overall health of your body: for this reason the art of massage has always been widely spread in China and Japan. 

For years, Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort offers its guests the chance to try a range of massages, made with olive oil and natural essential oils, performed by professionals: from the relaxing Ayurvedic to the shiatsu massage. 

This year we decided to offer a new type of massage: it is called "Kobido massage" and is a facial treatment that improves the natural condition of the skin, diminishing the effect of aging. 

Known since 1472 in Japan, where the Empress had asked for a treatment to enhance her beauty, facial massage, combines pressure to stimulate the facial nerves and movement: this enables to prevent and reduce the appearance of wrinkles keeping the face young and radiant. 

The method used by our masseur is by Shogo Mochizuki, whose family practiced massage and traditional Japanese medicine for over 250 years. Depending on the condition of the skin, are used different types of oil and combinations of moviments to tone the deep muscles of the face, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the cells. 

The massage Kobido is run anywhere you want, from your room to the olive grove: we recommend you try it in the wellness area, a corner of nature surrounded by tall bamboo plants where you can hear the birds singing ... an environment that will help truly relax every muscle of your body. 

The cost for a massage session Kobido is € 70 for 60 minutes. 

If you want to try the massage Kobido, Villa Campestri staff will be happy to book your session with our masseur. 

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