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October in Tuscany is the time of collection of chestnuts. In Mugello we have a variety of chestnut different from the others, called "Marrone", brown. To characterize the variety, are larger and sweeter fruits.

The cultivation of "Marrone" in Mugello is known since the Roman Empire but it is only since the Middle Ages that we have some news of its spread in this area and of the importance of nutrition. In fact, the "brown chestnuts" was worked in the mills to produce flour.

The cultivation takes place mainly in the municipalities of Marradi, Palazzuolo sul Senio and Dicomano: the trees are grown naturally without pesticides or chemical additives added. The harvest, made by hand, takes place between October and November: the brown fruits are sold fresh, some is dried to be stored or used to produce flour.

To protect this symbol of Mugello, which obtained the certification of "IGP", was born the "Marrone" Road: a consortium of companies, headquartered in Marradi, which offers the possibility of a real journey to the discovery of the brown chestnuts and its territory.

We organize tours in the forests of chestnut trees or to see how they work the browns, as well as tastings to learn about this incredible variety of Chestnut. We also recommend a trip to the local craft shops that sell beautifully carved wooden chestnut! And if you love good food, do not miss the many festivals, between October and November, where you can sample the famous pie or "maroon glaceé" made with "Marrone" chestnut.

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