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Mugello and Nature: the crafted soap by Fattoria di Belcanto at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort | Print |  E-mail

Respect for nature is one of the watchwords of Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort . This is why we practice in our Resort actions to promote energy conservation and reduction of pollutant emissions: a philosophy that also involves the companies we work with, beginning with the Fattoria di Belcanto, which provides our soaps.

Owned by brothers Filippo and Francesco Carlà Campa, the Fattoria di Belcanto produces our courtesy set, products that are complimentary to your arrival at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort and part of the decor in the bathrooms of our rooms: in addition to soaps, cortesy set includes bath soap, shampoo and body lotion with hawthorn.

Soaps are made with natural ingredients only, ie without dyes or synthetic thickeners often used for products of modern industry and that can irritate sensitive skin. Moreover, the techniques are entirely handmade.

The soap, basis of their product line, is obtained by faithfully following the traditional method of saponification craft, which is the vaporization of pure fatty acids of olive oil: soap is “cooked” for several days in big pots with the use of Only natural raw materials.

In addition, the Fattoria di Belcanto has patented the brand Re-Soap, the re-filling system for empty bottles: once you cfinished the products tou can go to stores to refilling the bottle, paying a lower price than initial price. Each dealer also affix a sticker with the lot number and expiration date. In this way, you can save on costs and not increased the volume of waste.

In addition to test the products of the Fattoria di Belcanto you will also have the opportunity to buy their products to take home: in our Reception was set up a shopping point.

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