Villa Campestri - Olive Oil Resort  

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The association of the best American chefs is a world power in culinary culture. It is the home of the top talent and of experimentation, a place where innovation is rooted in tradition...

Because of this, the OliveToLive system for storing quality olive oil has received an enthusiastic welcome, embodying as it does both the wisdom of high-quality Italian growers and avant-garde technology - a union that sublimates centuries of tradition in a moment of pure ecstasy for lovers of quality products and top-quality cuisine. Cooperation between the Culinary Institute of America, the TREE association  and Villa Campestri means that the OliveToLive preservation system will soon be adopted by most businesses in the field

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Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort
Via di Campestri 19/22
50039 Vicchio di Mugello (Firenze)
Tel. +39.0558490107
Fax +39.0558490108
P.IVA 04277830487