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Quality of ingredients and craftsmanship are a few of the characteristics not only of food specialties of Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort but generally good food in Mugello.

Among the companies that follow the letter of these principles is Pasticceria Cesarino in the heart of Borgo San Lorenzo, known for its goodness and beauty of its pastries.

Founded in 1957 by Cesare Lucii, who grew up professionally in historical pastry shops as Robiglio and Giurovich in Florence, Pasticceria Cesarino has always been characterized by the careful choice of ingredients, which come largely from local producers or from renowned European countries; these is added to the 100% traditional manufacturing.

Conducted today by his grandchildren Matteo e Tommaso, Pasticceria Cesarino was enriched by experience and creativity of the chef Mario Ragona, production manager of the laboratory. Ragona, 31, trained in the best Italian pastry shops, has won numerous awards including in 2010 the title of Italian champion of Pastry Arts and the gold medal at the World Championships that were held in Luxembourg.

Among the most famous delicacies is the panettone, made according to traditional recipes: over raisins and candied fruit, it is also produced one with chocolate chips. At Easter however is the Dove, also made with the traditional recipe, creating tip. But the pastries are the specialty of the Pasticceria Cesarino: from classic cakes to the fancy creations, to the beautiful wedding cakes.

Attentive to the territory of the Mugello, in the Pasticceria Cesarino you can also find local products that are characterized by the production craft, starting with the famous Vin Santo by Cantina Frascole up to beer and ice cream.

If you want to taste the delicious cakes and pastries all you have to do is come in Borgo San Lorenzo. To learn more about Pasticceria Cesarino please visit their website or Facebook page.

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