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It’s an exciting, even emotional moment. Those who have already experienced it can tell you. The touch of nature is so very important to all of us at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort that we are offering our guests a special experience. You’ll not only find  the perfect inn in the heart of the Mugello for families and their occasions, perfectly pet friendly, but you can add an unforgettable moment to take part in the very soul of Campestri: planting an  olive.

As readers by now know well, Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort has become an important gastronomic destination, with the Olivaia Restaurant headed by our indomitable chef Roberto Zanieri, a master who mixes the traditional Tuscan kitchen with modern touches. Villa Campestri resort is also the only retreat that not only has olive oil in its name, but also in its soul.   Our very own olive oil, pressed in our own mill with olives from trees that surround the Villa, is a main feature of our outstanding kitchen.

In addition to the delicious olive oil-based menu that we offer our guests, (our Menu dell'Olio is featured in the gallery on our Facebook page) and special gift offerings (have you noticed the merchandising section of our website page?) we’re also pleased to invite our guests to plant their very own olive tree in our olive grove.

When you plant your tree that will bear your name, with your own spade, you’ll experience the pleasure of creating your own permanent contact with our beautiful countryside, a personal symbolic gift to a noble and generous plant as it begins its cycle of life.

For more information, and to acquire your own olive, write to us at

You won’t be sorry.

* Photo credits: Wesley Nules, Anka and Marten Wedding. Enjoy full gallery on our Facebook page!

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