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Known since Middle Ages for quality of local products, especially venison, olive oil and wine, Mugello is synonymous of good food.

Among the typical dishes of this part of Tuscany, the most famous is the potato Tortello: every year thousands of people arriving in Mugello, especially during summer, to participate in the festivals dedicated to this dish.

As explained by Roberto Zanieri, alias Jerry, chef of Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort, Tortello is actually a dish born in theTuscan-Emilian Apennines and from there came to Mugello over a century ago.

"The ingredients that are used for potatoes tortello are simple: flour and eggs for homemade pasta, white potatoes Alto Mugello, garlic, parsley and nutmeg for the filling, "I add also a sharpened tip of tomato - says Jerry - It is actually a plate of so-called simple cooking, which everyone could afford and that will quickly spread”.

To characterize the Tortello of Mugello, from the classic square shape, is that the filling just made with white potatoes. Also not everyone knows that if the ingredients are so simple, each zone has a variation that makes this dish unique and worthy of be sampled.

"The typical sauce for potatoes Tortelli is meat sauce, duck sauce or mushroom sauce - adds Jerry - especially mushrooms and duck are widely used as a summer condiment”.

The collection period of the white potato is from July to September and in these months the most popular dish is the Tortello, thanks to the numerous festivals around the Mugello.

And if you are followers of vegan cuisine, Jerry has some advice for you: "You can replace the eggs with wheat bran and season with tomatoes or mushrooms: in this way you can also enjoy this fantastic dish of Mugello, "says the chef.

If you are curious to taste the potato Tortelli, you come and visit our restaurant L'Olivaia.

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