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If you love Tuscan dishes prepared in our restaurant The Olivaia not miss the chance to attend one of our cooking classes!

The cooking classes are held by our chef Roberto Zanieri, alias Jerry, who, unlike many of his colleagues, is ready to share with you all his secrets.

You can choose from a short course (one lesson of two hours) or a course of more classes (up to a maximum of five days) to really learn everything there is to know about good Tuscan cuisine. Classes are held in the morning in the beautiful Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort Kitchen.

Participants have access to our kitchen, where Jerry will explain how to prepare delicious dishes made with fresh ingredients. The course topics cover every aspect of Tuscan cuisine:

Appetizers: we start from the pie of artichokes and ending with the preparation of mushroom or chicken liver "crostini" and the traditional "bruschetta".

First course: learn how to make the best fresh pasta to prepare the traditional potato ravioli in Mugello, dumplings, pancakes, ravioli with ricotta and spinach and noodles.

Tuscan sauces: Roberto Zanieri will teach you to prepare delicious meat sauce and mushrooms, tomato sauce and also how to make a great pesto.

Pizza and Bread: you like pizza? After attending our course you can make it at home, along with bread, cakes and olive oil sandwiches.

Desserts: main topic of our courses is the realization of desserts, especially those typical of the Tuscan tradition, such as "Schiacciata alla Fiorentina", "cantuccini di Prato", the "chocolate Zuccotto", and the Grandma's Cake.

During the lessons, participants can practise all aspects of the preparation of these dishes, and afterwards have the possibility of tasting the food at lunch. A fun way to learn so many good recipes with friends!

A lesson on 1 topic is € 100,00 per person, two lessons on 2 topics is € 200,00 per person. Price per lesson (cycle of 3, 4 or 5 topics) is € 60,00 per lesson per person.

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