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Olive Oil tips, all secrets of olive oil revealed by Villa Campestri Olive Oil resort team! Did you know that the taste of freshly pressed Tuscan olive oil can be sustained all year long? That’s part of the secret of Villa Campestrai Olive Oil Resort, where host Paolo Pasquali has developed and patented an ingenious device that maintains not only the intense aroma of fresh oil, but even the taste of freshly pressed olives. It’s like the perfume of freshly mowed grass, or an artichoke freshly plucked.

Along the recommended sensory experience of Villa Campestri you’ll awaken not only to the perfume, but also to the taste of freshly made Tuscan oil. A small ceramic spoon – necessary to a true tasting – will open the sensual properties of extra virgin olive oils, tastes of green fruit, bitter and piquant. In addition to these three special qualities, there’s also a faint smell of almonds.

You’ll learn too that the color of the olive oil has nothing to do with its quality. In fact, the color is not an indicator of quality, it is rather the flavor that lingers in the oil that is the true story.

If you’d like to know more, to learn all the ‘tips’ in the culture of Olive Oil, do come to Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort to discover this world and taste its best.

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