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Hovering silently in the sky aboard a glider and found the absolute freedom and admiring the breathtaking scenery of the Mugello: this is an incredible experience that you can try at the AeroClub in Mugello

The airfield "La Collina" is located in Figliano, in Borgo San Lorenzo, just 13 km from Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort: the airfield is open on weekends and holidays, and some do not need reservations. 

To fly you must be at least 12 years old: the flight is during the day, preferably early in the afternoon to take advantage of perfect conditions for soaring. Remember to bring with you sunglasses and a hat for protection from the sun.To fly tandem gliders are used: each glider port in fact, in addition to the passenger, also an experienced driver to ensure all flight safety. 

You will fly over the valley of Mugello for a flight that lasts about half an hour: thanks to the transparent roof you can see every detail of the landscape that will lie beneath your feet. 

Depending on the day the way of flying can change, ranging from the flight over 2,000 meters to touch the clouds, in low-altitude flights on the ridges of the Apennines, over forests and ridges. 

To capture the breathtaking view that you will enjo, during the flight you can bring your camera

Inside Aeroclub is also piloting a glider school recognized by the Civil Aviation Authority where you can get a pilot's license: it takes at least 13 hours of flight take-offs and 40 to access the exam. 

If you enjoy the flight and then you want to experience the thrill of flying over from the Mugello, the staff of Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort will be happy to give you all the information you need to realize this dream

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