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A holiday in the area of ​​Mugello, in Tuscany, offers not only nature but is a real dive in history: a few kilometers from Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort is in fact possible to visit some beautiful Medici villas for centuries retaining their artistic and historical beauty. 

Among these is the "Villa Medici del Trebbio", at San Piero a Sieve. The villa, which now belongs to a private owner, is one of the first houses were built by the Medici out of Florence: it belonged to Giovanni di Bicci de' Medici, the patriarch of the family fortunes. After his death in 1428, the son Cosimo de' Medici had it restored to the architect Michelozzo with the task of turning it into a fortified castle: he kept the guard tower, adding a walkway and retaining other elements typical of a "castle" as a moat and a drawbridge.Michelozzo, however, also introduced innovations such as the walled garden, unusual for its time. A guided tour of Villa del Trebbio is only possible by appointment. 

In San Piero a Sieve is also the "Fortress of St. Martin", one of the largest Italian fortifications: created in 1500 by the will of the Medici, was completed by Bernard Buontalenti. The fortress lies with its imposing walls for about a mile and has seven bastions: inside are the neighborhoods of the sixteenth century castle with a beautiful walk, underground warehouses and a chapel. Unfortunately, the Fortress of San Martino, at the moment can not be visited, even though last May 29 has been opened by the owners for a day. 

On the hills of Fiesole stands "Villa Medici", about 28 km from Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort. Built between 1458 and 1461 by Michelozzo owes its fame to Lorenzo the Magnificent, who inherited in 1469 after the untimely death of his brother and made it a center of meetings for artists, philosophers, writers like Marsilio Ficino, Pico della Mirandola and Poliziano. In 1959 the villa was bought by the family Mazzini Marchi, the current owners.

If you want to see the Villa Medici in Mugello, the staff of Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort will be happy to give you all the necessary information to book your visit. 

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