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The Mugello Carnival is in Borgo San Lorenzo

February is Carnival time. Even the Mugello celebrate this event with a recurring appointment that takes place in Borgo San Lorenzo, not far from Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort. one of the oldest celebrations of Carnival in Tuscany it's here, in Piazza Dante.

The Carnival of Borgo San Lorenzo is mentioned in historical documents, since 1880. During the XX century has become one of the most important in Tuscany, arriving in the '80s to be the second event in the region after the Viareggio Carnival.

Currently, although its importance is a bit decreased, theCarnival of Borgo San Lorenzo is an event not to be missed, as explained by the Committee which organizes the festival and that is now producing a book on the history of this important event.

"Ours is a free event that aims to involve young and old - says Anna Bordati, head of the Carnival Committee of Borgo San Lorenzo - This year, the Carnival, which began Sunday, February 13th, will go on until Sunday, March 6th. Four wagons have been set up with the characters of Paperone and his companions, Beauty and the Beast, "I Puffi" with trains and boats for the kids. All wagons are fitted with "coriandoli" to be launched to the public."

The parades of the Carnival of Borgo San Lorenzo will be canceled only in case of rain, just to prevent water from dripping onto the cardboard ruining the wagons. Each parade is also accompanied by music, with the band playing live music and performances by dance schools of dancers and gymnasts.

A big party is planned in the afternoon of Tuesday, March 8th, the last day of Carnival, to close the festivities for 2011. In addition, for those who want to celebrate the "Ashes" on the morning of March 9th, in front of the library of Borgo San Lorenzo, will be offered the seasoned "polenta", a custom started after the War to celebrate the end of the German invasion.

(Photo by Andrea Lapi)

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