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The summer has arrived! For the Recipe of the month of Villa Campestri, our chef Jerry has chosen a dessert with fresh fruit of season, the Peaches Cake. Easy and fast to cook, It'll be appreciate by everyone when you will bring it in table:

Peaches Cake of Villa Campestri


350 grams flour; 200 grams sugar; 70 grams butter; 9 yolks and one whole egg; lemon peel; 1 yeast; 1 powdered vanilla

To prepare the pasta:

Take 300 grams flour and mix with 150 grams sugar, 70 grams butter, 6 yolks and one whole egg, lemon peel, 1 yeast and 1 powdered vanilla. Put the pasta in a reverse cake mold and cook for 40 minutes into the oven at 180° C.

To prepare the cream:

Take 1/2 lt. Milk and mix with 4 egg yolks, 4 spoons sugar, 4 spoons flour. Cook and preapare a fine creame to stretch on the paste. Guarnish with 2 peaches cut very fine.

Suggest by the chef Roberto Zanieri: to polish and keep more than 12 hours, use nr. 2 sheets of gelatin dissolved in water and 2 spoons of sugar.

Peaches Cake of Villa Campestri is one of the sweets that you can taste in our restaurant The Olivaia

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