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Villa Campestri goes to Spain: Gastronomika 2012. OliveToLive at San Sabastian! | Print |  E-mail

The 14th edition of Gastronomika in San Sebastian, the international congress of food and wine that features and displays the best of Spain and the international community, has just ended.  This year, our Paolo Pasquini, brought his innovative creation OliveToLive to the famous festival.

It is always very special to present a project that one can discuss with other knowledgeable experts who can understand the value of an innovative product.  The project OliveToLive is exactly this: a patented system to conserve fresh olive oil with its natural organic qualities. After long years of research, Paolo Pasquali has perfected his innovative device – OliveToLive – that maintains fresh olive oil under nitrogen and at a controlled temperature, to preserve intact the nutritional values and the extraordinary unmistakable taste of freshly pressed extra-virgin olive oil.

It’s also packaged beautifully. An entirely new design of the device – created at Villa Campestri -- was presented at this year’s Gastronomika: an OliveToLive with an elegant modern new look.  Paolo Pasquali, together with Raquel Perramon and Maria Josè San Roman, presented the re-designed one-of-kind dispenser.

Among the guests at the food and wine event were giants of the industry including Juan Mari Arzak, Martin Berasategui and Pedro Subijana.  The great Berasategui, a Michelin 3-star chef, highlighted OlivetoLive at his stand, a huge honor for us.

On our Facebook page there’s a complete report of Villa Campestri’s success at Gastronomika.   It was a wonderful experience, and we cannot wait to attend next year too.

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