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If you’ve enjoyed your visit to Villa Campestri and you’d like to reminisce, you can rekindle your memories with an online visit.  A weekly blog tells you about our resort, and shopping online will bring home to you all sorts of nice durable memories.
Or perhaps you’ve not yet been to Villa Campestri but discovered us on the web and want to know more before you visit. You can click on to the blog, or into the shop, and see and read about all of the lovely natural products we are so proud of.

Our invitation stands: come to visit and discover for yourself the magic of Villa Campestri, where nature and fine cuisine combine in a perfectly restored 14th century villa in the middle of the Mugello countryside.

If you’ve already been a guest at our resort, you know well our philosophy and what we’re saying.  What you breathe through our walls and beyond is unforgettable, a vacation we hope you’ll remember always.  But, like everything beautiful, all vacations end, and we are left with rich memories.   And now you can take something home with you from Villa Campestri, or visit our shop later to order at home a bit of Campestri.

If you’ve not actually yet visited Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort and know us from social networking or travel adviser, you can have a foretaste of our products through our online shop.  We’ve spent our lives perfecting our oil and its production. It is renowned for its high quality according to international standards and comes in an elegate travel-proof tin, or an equally refined bottle, each of 250 millegrams, or one-quarter liter.  Smell is the perfect memory enhancer, and upon opening a tin or bottle of our oil, you’re immediately overwhelmed with the odor that takes you back to dining at Villa Campestri, or of tasting its fresh oil.  

You can also acquire our special natural air fresheners based on iris and broom flowers and produced especially for Villa Campestri by an age-old Florentine workshop of fragrances. (A special gallery of images created by Studio Bonon dedicated to these products can be found on our Facebook page and in this piece.)

Also in the shop is an exquisitely printed square silk scarf – 70 by 70 centimeters – produced by the prestigious silk workshop Ratti di Como, or delicious tea towel in pure cotton, inscribed with the logo of Villa Campestri.

You might want to send a gracious gift to someone special, or for a special day.  You can choose so many different items, or give a relaxing olive oil ayurvedic massage, or a dinner for two.  The choices at Villa Campestri are endless and always memorable.

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Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort
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