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Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort Goes on TV: Don’t miss us in the program of Gianfranco Vissani: I’ll Take You There (Ti ci porto io) | Print |  E-mail

It’s happening at Villa Campestri. In the past few days the crew of the La7 television program, I’ll Take You There (Ti ci porto io), with Gianfranco Vissani and Michela Rocco, arrived at Villa Campestri to film our story: the wonders of our Resort and our major activity, the story of our olive oil, of course.

Villa Campestri is a wonderfully photogenic place. You can see new photos on our Facebook page every day that show its beauty and attractions.  But it takes a visit for you to capture its heart and spirit.

And now, even the television has come to visit!  A few weeks ago, in September, the crew of LA7’s program, Ti ci porto io (I’ll Take You There) that travels around Italy to introduce viewers to the finest culinary experiences of the country, arrived here.  They came to Villa Campestri to talk to us about olive oil, and to taste the superior quality of ours.  They interviewed and shared a tasting with Gemma Pasquale, who spoke to the cameras about her experience with olive oil, and how she came to learn what excellent olive oil could mean.  And there was a visit to the Oliveta, together with Elena Amerighi, who could speak about the soothing qualities of olive oil for the skin, as emollient and moisturizer.

The television cameras went everywhere, poking into the park and into the Villa’s interior.  You’ll soon be able to see this wonderful televised day: look on our Facebook page for the program.  We’ll tell you exactly when they will air the installment about Villa Campestri and its olive oil.   We’ll also post the complete video.

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