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Who was even once in Mugello was able to admire what nature has created in this land, breathtaking landscapes, forests crossed by streams, lakes and mountains. 

It will also why, at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort, respect for nature is considered a core value: we try to actively contribute to its protection. 

In fact you should know that our heating system is based on a wood boiler, which heats the radiators and water for showering: power for its use is the waste and clean-up of our woods, so as to preserve the trees and not producing waste. In addition, the CO2 emissions of the boiler are much lower than combustion of methane or gas. 

For the enlightenment of our rooms, we chose electric light bulbs while the solar panels are coming soon, which will be installed on the roof of our parking. 

Among our regular guests never fail the swallows, that here find a great place to nest: the swallows in fact need two connections to build their nest and the wooden beams that we put at their disposal have huge success. This is why every year the swallows build their nests here and their presence aswell as brighten the atmosphere of Villa Campestri with the chirping, naturally solves the problem of the presence of mosquitoes

Finally L'Olivaia, our restaurant at km 0 allows us to save on emissions to go to buy the products used on our table, as well as enhance our organic products and those of local producers that rely on quality and authenticity. 

If you love nature Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort awaits you! 

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Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort
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