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Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort on TV: Watch the episode of Ti Ci Porto Io (I’ll Take You There) featuring our Resort. | Print |  E-mail

Channel 7’s television program, Ti Ci Porto Io (I’ll Take You There) recently aired – on October 20th - an entire episode dedicated to the Mugello and its extraordinary natural settings and gastronomic specialties.  Villa Campestri, with its soothing Spo (Salus per Oleum) and specialized production of extra virgin olive oil was the highlight of the program. You can see it here.

A program to remember!  All Mugello, the old town of Scarperia and its hand-wrought knives, the diverse and specialized farms, and especially Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort, were highlighted on the program dedicates itself to the varied beauty of Italy, Ti ci porto io, led by Chef Gianfranco Vissani and Michela Rocco.

It was a lively episode, filled with color and interest: the first segment of the program highlighted Scarperia, the pride of Mugello, with a visit to a knife producer, then came a jump to the historic 14th century milk farm, Palagiaccio, with its famous cheeses, all interspersed with various recipes. Then on to Villa Campestri  in all it majestic surroundings, where Michela Rocco was welcomed by Paolo Pasquali and daughter Gemma, to show off the lovely grounds and Paolo’s new invention, OliveToLive, a beautifully designed machine that retains and disperses newly harvested olive oil with a permanently fresh taste.  Chef Vissani was joined in the kitchen by Campestri’s chef Zanieri, to make a plate of a traditional Mugello dish that can easily be done at home, and bring a true taste of the Mugello to the viewer.

Here’s the complete video of the program:

Enjoy, and share with us the joys of Mugello.

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