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Paolo Pasquali at the Culinary Institute of America for the 13th Annual "Worlds of Flavor® Conference: Japan, Flavours of Culture", November 4-6, 2010

The 13th Annual Worlds of Flavor® Conference will represent one of the largest and most significant American professional conferences ever held dedicated to the flavors and food culture of Japan. Interest in Japanese food and culinary traditions has seen phenomenal growth among American consumers in recent years. Sushi has moved from the exotic to the mainstream, Japanese noodle soups are regularly included in volume foodservice operations, Japanese fine dining restaurants claim top tier ratings, and Japanese flavors and culinary aesthetics influence the menus and ambience of even non-Japanese restaurants. At the same time, Japan is often less familiar to Americans than Italy, France or other European countries. American food professionals sense that we are only at the beginning of our discovery and understanding of the "gold standards" of Japan and Japanese food culture.

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