I Tortelli del Mugello

(a recipe from Mirella Sartori) From the “Diary of Recipes by Nancy Harmon Jenkins”

If it sometimes appears that every cook in the Mugello has a different recipe for this classic dish, that’s absolutely correct. But Tuscan food is like that, every time you turn a corner, there’s another way of doing things—and the person who’s doing it will swear that it’s the only authentic way. This is another recipe from the great Mugellese cook Mirella Settori.

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One of the best reasons to come visit Italy is not only for the stunning landscape and gastronomic successes but also to see of the most important masterpieces in the art world. 2014 is slated to be a year of art better than ever with exciting new exhibits all over Tuscany that visitors should be on the lookout for.

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We are super excited to write about our next edition of AmorOlio at Villa Campestri – a special Tuscan getaway focusing on the art of living well. Now it has even caught the eye of the biggest journal about olive oil in Spain – Mercacei (you can read the full article in Spanish on the link above).

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