There are so many interesting day trips that you can take from Tuscany, we recommend multiple visits to really explore the country slowly. From our corner in the Mugello Valley, you can take numerous day trips to various areas of the country while coming back to a comfortable, quite base in the hills of Vicchio.

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It’s no doubt that one of the best ways to discover a place is through photography. We personally really enjoy the app instagram to see what people think about us (tagging #villacampestri), or better yet to see wonderful photos from all over Tuscany.

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Not your ordinary cruet: The OliveToLive system controls the environment to maintain olive oil quality at a restaurant in Spain.

We are excited to share the latest news about OliveToLive by our founder and our own Paolo Pasquali. In this article by By CAROLINE J. BECK stated that the Community Organization for Research (ECOR) program is now studying a unique distribution model for olive oil together with the University of Florence.

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