Traveling to Tuscany almost always involves several gastronomic adventures as it very well should. Whatever the reason for making the Mugello valley your ‘home away from home‘ as a vacation destination, of course wonderful cuisine should be top on your list. The famous potato tortelli with homemade ragu and much more. Since we are food obsessed here at Villa Campestri olive oil resort, we wanted to share our top spots for a nice meal.

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To us olive oil is life. Which is why we love to share our passion for this amazing product from the earth with you. Here at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort we use this oil with everything, to accompany gourmet dishes, as a cosmetic product and even as an oil for massages. To get to know olive oil a little better, we have 10 fun facts about olive oil that you may not have ever known, plus if you want to let us know about a fact we missed, post it on our facebook page, we would love to know! Continue reading

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The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page” - Rachel Anders

Everything about this quote rings true, especially because reading about a destination makes it truly come alive. We often get lost in the novels that we read and we imagine that our visitors do as well. Since many ask what books are set in Tuscany, what better way to share our favorites than to write a blog post compiling our list of novels that will get you excited to explore Italy.

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