Not your ordinary cruet: The OliveToLive system controls the environment to maintain olive oil quality at a restaurant in Spain.

We are excited to share the latest news about OliveToLive by our founder and our own Paolo Pasquali. In this article by By CAROLINE J. BECK stated that the Community Organization for Research (ECOR) program is now studying a unique distribution model for olive oil together with the University of Florence.

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When it comes to Tuscany, it is hard to find a place with more stories than this region in Italy. With so much history to content with, it comes as no surprise that there are several legends that intrigue people to do this day. In our first blog post of 2015, we want to explore these tales and let you know some hidden corners of Tuscany that are much more than just a photo op.

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In a blink of an eye, Christmas week is almost already over and we are embarking on a new year. We have high hopes for 2015, currently we are updating Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort to keep everything as fresh as possible to give our guests the best, most unique Tuscan experience.  Continue reading

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