The Mugello valley is home to many interesting towns, churches and even happens to be the birthplace of the Medici family. Since Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort is located here, we want to share all that we love about this vast, fascinating history. Exploring small town life is one of the best pleasures travelers get from hiding away in this area of Tuscany.  Continue reading

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As the weather gets hotter, we always have a craving for something fresh. While gelato is a delight, there are also many Italian delights that you might never have heard of. While this specific treat is native to Sicily, we enjoy a refreshing coffee granita by the pool quite often these days, plus its made from high-quality Italian espresso which means you can’t go wrong with flavor.  Continue reading

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Wiggly, long, re-filled, flat – there are a million different ways you can find pasta (or people) in Italy. Every region has their own specialties and Tuscany is no different. We are proud of all that can be done with a bit of flour, egg, water and patience, in our restaurant L’Olivaia, we are constantly trying new recipes and playing around with Italian traditions. For our post of the week, we wanted to share our top three types of pasta that hail from ‘Under The Tuscan Sun.’  Continue reading

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