While many are currently planning their 2015 trips to Italy, and quite possibly Tuscany, we want to provide you with a few suggestions of places that we adore and that are easy to reach. Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort is only a short train ride from Florence and if you come with a car, you will have access to so many interesting areas of the region.  Continue reading

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Tuscany and food, it almost should be the same word. What we eat is so important to our culture, our most traditional dishes – food hailing from poverty using local, and seasonal ingredients. Not much has changed, only that the local food is becoming even better. Tuscans are proud about what they eat, and they have good reason too.

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With the stronger dollar and an economy slowly getting better in many areas around the world, 2015 is being slated as a prime time to visit the land ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’.  Continue reading

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