We are starting a new series in the blog called ‘quick tips’ with the aim of helping those coming to Italy on holiday. The first article in our series is aimed at making a call in Italy, which we know can be quite daunting for those who don’t speak Italian. However, it is quite useful to have at the very least, a basic knowledge of certain phrases, especially when booking restaurants or calling a taxi.  Continue reading

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The 15th of August is a national holiday in Italy, with most stores and businesses closing shops to spend time with their family and friends, typically on the seaside. The holiday itself dates back much further than most might imagine, in fact all the way until the Roman times, named after Emperor Augustus 18 BC. Back then it was a considered a rest-time, especially for those participating in hard-labor kind of work.  Continue reading

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In Italy, you would never think of making a meal with any kind of pasta. This is the land of a myriad shapes, sizes and consistencies, when it comes to the humble pasta dish. Passing the tradition of making handmade pasta is something that is becoming a little more rare in Italia, but nothing compares to the fresh product.  Continue reading

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