This past week the Pasquali family has started our 2014 olive oil harvest, as you can imagine a very important time of year for Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort.  Continue reading

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Villa Campestri Mugello Tuscany

When traveling to another country, one of the most intimidating aspects is navigating day to day interactions in another language. While it is true that in Italy many people speak a minimum of English, it would be wise to note that many menus are not translated from Italian which is why we wanted to write this blog post to help Italy travelers order delicious food without any stress of wondering what it is they are ordering.

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One of our favorite things to do is share what we love about Tuscany, home of the Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort with our guests. The region is definitely more dynamic than just’under the Tuscan Sun’ and you would be surprised at how many small towns are worth discovering, even in our ‘home’ in the Mugello Valley.

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