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Cashmere knitwear in Borgo San Lorenzo

Who doesn’t love the delicate quality of cashmere, in Italy – quality is always at the forefront of those who appreciate 100% made in Italy goods. Close to Villa Campestri olive oil resort, we discovered a company in Borgo San Lorenzo that has been producing cashmere knitwear since 1949, Il Borgo Cashmere. The company utilizes many techniques either by hand or by machine and most importantly, enhances local craft skills.

Their challenge is to offer the high fashion market which has undergone quote the crisis this past year along with the changing nature of trends, materials and shapes a chance to accept the traditional methods of cashmere made in Italy, but at the same time offer products that are innovative, whimsical and original.

The knitwear made at the farm can not be called ‘classical ‘ but are types of products that do not lose their allure over time. Participation in important and in the same way, our participation in an important and innovative initiative in the world of fashion at the ‘Maison d’Exception’ inside the Première Vision in Paris should be mentioned. This exclusive manifestation that we participated in, as the only knitwear company in 2011 demonstrates their world class ‘know how’ and ability to offer solutions and valuable expertise to ‘haute couture’.

The haute couture , however, is not the only area in which they move to the Borgo Cashmere: over the years the curiosity to explore new dimensions of know-how has given rise to a remarkable versatility has become distinctive of the company, which is able to range by knitted accessories and knitwear for men, women and children, up to objects and furniture products .

Of course, the cactus garden and stuffed animals are all in cashmere, the possibilities are endless. 

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