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3 ways to stay active in the Mugello Valley

The Mugello Valley in Tuscany is a dynamic landscape full of mountainous terrain, luscious green valleys, charming towns and of course the famous Bilancino lake. This valley is not only home to Villa Campestri olive oil resort but is also the home to a plethora of cool activities in a fascinating place full of rich history and slow food.

Any sports enthusiast would truly appreciate the Mugello which us why we came up with these three activities for those who love to stay active. 

1. Mountain biking for everyone! 

We have several itineraries that we know those who love mountain biking will enjoy. From half-a-day excursions to full days out in the Tuscany countryside, soaking up the tremendous views while getting fit at the same time. Follow our proposed Giotto Trail which takes you to nearby town Vicchio, or take a challenge and choose a harder route that will take you by the place where the Medici family was born {always in the Mugello Valley}.

2. Get your ‘hike’ on! 

Hiking doesn’t have to be limited to experts, anyone can strap on some comfortable shoes and explore the surrounding territory. Of course, in Tuscany – the ‘feast for the eyes’ landscape is motivation for many to make this territory their stomping ground for a ‘stay fit’ type of holiday. We have several suggestions for those who want to stay active, from urban trekking to the nearby city of Florence, to exploring this beautiful hiking path from Vicchio to Borgo San Lorenzo – where you can gaze at gorgeous flora and pack a picnic. In Barberino di Mugello, the Oasi del Gabbianello, a protected nature reserve,  is the perfect family affair to explore birds like white storks, cranes, greylag gooses, nightingales and falcon.

3. Staying cool with fun water sports

During the summer months, many locals flock to nearby hotspot Bilancino Lake in Barberino di Mugello, The lake at Bilancino is a 5 square km artificial basin created to reduce water supply shortages and flood risk in Florence and surroundings and also happens to be full of different water sports { swimming, canoeing, sailing and windsurfing}, that anyone needing a cool dip, would enjoy! Think carps, crucian carps, chubs, black bass and pikes barbells, trouts, minnows, eels and more {necessary licensing may be needed}. In addition, there also hiking and cycling paths near the lake.

*If you are looking to relax and take a breather after – head over to Bahia beach cafe {at Bilancino} where you can rent an umbrella and chair for a very low price and work on your tan after an active day around the Mugello Valley. They also have paddle boats that you can rent for a more unique way to tour the lake.

No doubt afterwards you will work up quite the appetite so why not tuck into some traditional food from the surrounding area, either at our acclaimed restauraunt L’Olivaia or our list of favorite places  in the area via Foursquare!

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