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What Does Travel Mean to You?

We know people have so many reasons to travel in Tuscany, perhaps they are enamored with the culture, the history, the food, looking for a perfect place to just rewind from life or maybe they came here for work – in any case we know that travel has the ability to make a person feel truly free. We are always curious to know what brings people to Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort and more importantly, what travel really means to them.

One concept that always stands out to us in that of true relaxation. Putting the stresses of life, long work-days and the like behind them and embracing the type of holiday that lets you really breathe. A recent quote from a review of our resort mentioned Villa Campestri as a “beautiful villa set in such peaceful , idyllic surroundings of olive groves & open landscape where you could relax in a deck chair, on the terrace overlooking the Tuscan countryside or at the pool overlooking more picturesque views. “ Something so simple but what people are actually really looking for, a place to breathe, collect their thoughts and enjoy the moment.

When we think of quality travel, we also think about details. Since there are so many options for travelers, we imagine that people have (and should) high expectations. What good hotels seek is not the one-time customer but rather, people who return year after year, who consider our location like a second home. One visitor wrote this about us “I have been in the hospitality industry for over 30 years and I can’t tell you how hard it is to find people who consistently care for the needs of others. The staff at Villa Campestri live this way 100% of the time. They go out of the way to help you as if it is just in their blood”  We are lucky that this isn’t just a job for our staff, this is out life and one that we are so proud to share with others. Another shared “Gemma’s rooster, having been rescued from an otherwise sad ending and now living happily with two very different looking hens, reflects all the happiness and tranquillity which reigns at Campestri. And then there’s Viola – how every hotel in the world would love to have a Viola directing it. If she was a professional footballer she would be way beyond Messi, Bales and Ronaldo.” 

Lastly we know that 90% of the reason that people visit Tuscany is the top-rated cuisine. Food here is a way of life, with simple methods using quality ingredients that would make any skeptic’s mouth water. Our young chef seeks to create innovative meals for our guests that they won’t forget. Mixing tradition, olive oil and a touch of curiosity which keeps people coming back, year after year. One recent visitor commented “This year there’s a change of chef and he’s still a baby – only 26!! Yet already one can see creativity abounds; his deconstructed tiramisu was a delight – so good I could have eaten it twice. The wines too improve each year” 

As always we love hearing what you have to say and we thank you for visiting Villa Campestri and our family, we strive to always provide our visitors a unique and special experience, grazie a voi! 





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