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A holiday in three dimensions.

A unique Mugello resort in the heart of the Tuscan Valley which is located just 35 km from Florence and 6 km from Vicchio: Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort is a splendid Renaissance villa built around an ancient 13th century fort. It is surrounded by ancient olive groves which produce olive oil of exceptional quality.

Art, history and relaxation are the three dimensions making unforgettable a stay at this tourist resort in Mugello. The historyc dimension reveals itself in the spacious frescoed salons of the villa and in the ancient towns of Mugello Valley, the antique homeland of the Medici family. The artistic dimension is to be found in the works of Giotto and Beato Angelico, who were born in this area. As for relaxation, just enjoy the beautiful rooms and suites of our Mugello resort, our swimming pool in the midst of a beautiful old garden, the ancient olive groves and the cuisine that we offer, from the excellent olive oil tastings by our Oleoteca to the traditional Tuscan menu of our Restaurant. And what’s more, the fascinating Mugello Valley is always at hand for a mountain bike ride in the surrounding hills or the ancient olive groves and towns of the area.


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Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort
Via di Campestri 19/22
50039 Vicchio di Mugello (Firenze)
Tel. +39.0558490107
Fax +39.0558490108
P.IVA 04277830487



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