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OliveToLive at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Rome - In the beautiful and exclusive setting of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences at the Vatican on December 16, 2008 was held the conference "About the olive and its oil" organized by the prestigious Academy of the Georgofili, Florence...

Prof. Franco Scaramuzzi, President of Georgofili, the Em. Mo Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, Prof. Maurice Servili, Prof. Francis Sivioli and Prof. Claudio Peri, President of TREE took part in the conference as speakers. Prof. Claudio Peri unveiled the world's innovative vending machine of extra-virgin olive OliveTolive, designed and created by Dr. Paolo Pasquali owner of Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort. With the OliveTolive, oil is served at the meal from a distributor who has unbreakable stainless steel tanks in which the optimal conditions for storage of oil are maintained without interruption from production to use. It's a system that removes the bottles and any other type of container. Precious oils of different sensory profile and of various origins, but all selected and secured by TREE, are provided at the restaurant or the family directly from Oleoteca Villa Campestri® with service delivery and collection of containers, along with a training facility of the chefs about the oil culture.
As part of the conference was a delicious and tasty dinner menu with dishes that highlight the characteristics of each oil presented.

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