The 10 things to see in Fiesole in one day

what to see in fiesole

The magic of Fiesole has been told over the centuries by painters, writers, poets and artists of all kinds. Even today this pretty Tuscan town enchants every tourist. Don’t wait any longer, discover with us the 10 things to see in Fiesole in one day!

Archaeological Area of Fiesole

Fiesole is a city that boasts a long tradition of archaeological studies and research. The first protection and excavation initiatives date back to the beginning of the last century.

These initiatives were followed after 1870 by some more organic interventions that saw, in addition to the resumption of the excavations, also the establishment of a section of the archaeological museum, where to collect the ruins from the archaeological investigations in progress.

Real urban archeology interventions have been realized only since the end of the eighties, trying to reconcile the needs of urban restructuring with the knowledge of the Fiesole subsoil.

Today the archaeological area of Fiesole is bounded on the north by the Etruscan walls and preserves traces of the history of the place: the Etruscan Temple, the Roman Theater, the Baths and a Necropolis.


What to see in Fiesole in one day

Thanks to its elevated position, Fiesole offers a superb and gentle view of Florence.

In spring the hills of Fiesole embellish the colors of the irises, anemones, roses and an infinite variety of orchids that grow wild. The panoramic views are everywhere and are so breathtakingly beautiful.

Being a small and cozy town it is possible to visit Fiesole in just one day. Here are 10 things to see in Fiesole in one day!

Archeological area

Via Portigiani 1
Visits: April-September, 10-19; March and October 10-18; November-February, Wednesday-Monday 10-14.

Badia Fiesolana

Location San Domenico, via della Badia dei Roccettini 9
Visits: Monday-Friday 9 am-6pm.

Cathedral of St. Romulus

Cathedral Square 1
Visits: summer, 8-12 and 14.30-18, Sundays and holidays 7.30-12 and 15-18; winter, 8-12 and 14.30-17, Sundays and holidays 8-12 and 15-17.

Primo Conti Foundation

Villa Le Coste, via G. Duprè 18
Visits: Monday-Friday 9 am-2pm; also on request.

Bandini Museum

Via G. Duprè 1
Visits: April, Friday-Sunday 10-19; March, Friday – Sunday 10-18; January-February 10-17.

Archaeological Civic Museum

Via Portigiani 1
Visits: April-September, 10-19; March and October 10-18; November-December, Tuesday-Sunday 10-14; January-February Monday, Wednesday-Sunday 10-14.

Franciscan Missionary Museum

Via S. Francesco 13
Visits: Tuesday-Saturday 9-12.15 and 15-17.30, Sunday 9-10.30 and 15-18.30.

Villa il Roseto

Via Beato Angelico 15
Visits: on request.

Convent of S. Francesco

Via San Francesco 13
Visits: summer, Monday-Saturday 7.30-12 and 15-19, Sundays and holidays 7.30-11 and 15-19; winter, Monday-Saturday 7.30-12 and 15-17; Sundays and holidays 7.30-11 and 16-17.

Villa Medici-Il Palagio di Fiesole

Via Beato Angelico 2
Visits: garden: Monday-Friday 9-13, on request.

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