Nature Gym

The hoe beats the gym 3 to 1.

Did you know that a day of gardening or rural work is equivalent to 3 days in the gym?  Maybe the time has come for you to change your ideas about fitness. In our gym, light, temperature, and sounds change throughout the day and the name of your personal trainer is Mother Nature.

Earth fitness. Moving in harmony with Nature.

It’s incredible how the simple act of putting our bare feet on the ground can give us such a sense of well-being. We feel a harmony with the magnetism of the earth, and we release all of our pent up tensions. If you add a well-structured course to all of this, you will discover that with feet firmly planted on the ground you will touch the sky with a finger.

  • Fitness Yoga. Along this yoga trail in the park you will practice: “Breath Walking”, a discipline that combines breathing and movement, Asana positions, stretching and relaxation. 1 or 2 people € 130,00. Duration: 2 hours.
  • “Earthing” and Meditation in movement. During this activity, precise concentration techniques can help us find an awareness of our freedom, essence, and body in every step that places us in contact with the earth. Accumulated tensions are left behind, and every cell of our bodies is recharged with pure energy. 1 or 2 people € 80,00. Duration: 90 minutes.

The gardener shape.

If you like the idea of keeping in shape with gardening or other “Campestrian” ideas, please free to organize your own activities such as hoeing, digging, or raking leaves or grass on the vast premises of Villa Campestri. We’ll provide the necessary tools!

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