Live Olive Oil Menu

The art of cooking with Olive Oil without fire, cooked and raw.


  • Sliced seasonal fresh veggies served with vinaigrette and 3 Olive Oils € 8,00
  • “Naked” raw filet, julienne sliced ‘iceberg’ lettuce and Cosimo’s fresh Olive Oil € 10,00
  • Oil, cheese and bread: Study of the combination of Oils, soft cheeses and bread with herbs € 9,00

First Courses 

  • Gnudi made with fresh nettle, served with Cosimo’s olive oil over a fondue of grain € 11,00
  • Ravioli made with whole wheat flour stuffed with artichoke and seasoned, fresh rabiola cheese € 12,00
  • Spaghetti Martelli with Picual olive-oil served with a bread and parmesan cheese sauce € 10,00

Main Courses

  • Filet of Salt Cod cooked in olive-oil served with a puree of ‘coco nano’ beans € 20,00
  • Sliced steak (beef) served with rocket sprinkled with parmesan cheese € 19,00
  • Duck breast served in a fan-shape playfully cooked with three different olive oils € 21,00


  • Wild radicchi salad € 7,00
  • Garden veggie on the grill € 7,00

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