SPO (Salus Per Oleum)

Bamboo or Olive grove? The art of massage goes green.

When it comes to your well-being at Villa Campestri, there is no room for clichés. Our exclusive Salus Per Oleum treatments provide you with experiences of complete well-being in different locations.

There are several places where you can have your Olive Oil massage. Would you prefer it within the privacy of the bamboo grove or under the shade of a century-old olive tree? Would you prefer to be in the silence of your room, or have “Your Private SPO”, a part of the Villa dedicated to your relaxation? The choice is yours.

Whichever you choose, our expert masseurs will give you an experience that fuses Nature and well-being. Try out the regenerating virtues of Olive Oil massages, or choose Yoga, or a self-massaging relaxation session that will put you into perfect communion with nature.

Il massaggio di Kobido

We’re talking about the eternal youth massage that Samurai and Japanese Empresses adored. Just one hour of this massage of your face and neck with these ancient oriental techniques and youth will come knocking at your door. You will experience complete psychophysiological equilibrium.

Massages with our fresh Olive Oil.

In addition to Japanese massages, those from India and China make up the SPO experience of Villa Campestri. Villa Campestri is an Olive Oil Spa in the heart of the greenest part of Tuscany. We will take care of you with personalized Olive Oil massages that can vary according to the technique that you choose: ayurvedic massage, relaxation massage, energizing massage, deep tissue massage, manual lymphatic drainage, reflexology, and shiatsu massage (without oil).

Our qualified staff will help you choose the Olive Oil massage that best suits your desire to exalt the inner beauty within you. Book online now!

Discover our exclusive Olive Oil massages in the unique context of Villa Campestr’s splendid park in Tuscany.

Each massage lasts about an hour. The cost may differ among various types of massages. It is about € 80,00.

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