Relaxation and Self-massage

Taking back your core self.

At Villa Campestri you can engage in other types of awareness and relaxation activities.

“Earthing” and Walking Meditation (duration: 90 minutes).

Precise concentration techniques will bring you to an awareness of your body, its essence and liberty in every step that brings you in contact with the earth beneath your feet. Accumulated tensions will be left behind, and every cell of your body will be recharged with pure energy.

Cost: 1 o 2 people € 80,00.

Yoga Nidra (duration: 30 minutes).

A profound relaxation session guided by the voice of the trainer. The beneficial aspects of this yoga practice are comparable to those that we experience in deep sleep and therefore are able to completely relax our nervous system.

Cost: 1 o 2 people € 40,00.

Self-massage (duration: 30 minutes).

This can be combined with Yoga Nidra or Walking Meditation. Self-massage is an integral part of yoga which enables you to reach a profound state of well-being. Simple movements, such as caresses or acupressure, enable us to take care of the “temple of our soul”. You need not rely on anyone else but yourself, both mentally and emotionally, for a self-massage.

Cost: 1 o 2 people € 50,00.

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