Sport & well-being

Discover what well-being means at Villa Campestri.

The most attractive gym that Villa Campestri will offer you is its natural surroundings. Here, your personal trainer could be a Yoga or fitness instructor, an agronomist, a botanist, or a farmer. Each of them will accompany you in the discovery of activities that will contribute to your well-being in the most unusual ways. You may choose an “earthing walk” in which your bare feet will soak up the energy of the earth, or a Yoga trail that combines meditation with movement. You could even try trekking that will lead you to discover the springs of rivers, or practice fitness in the Olive grove… hoe in hand, you will plant an olive tree. The relaxation that follows these activities can take on many different forms. Consider a massage under an ancient olive tree or within a bamboo grove. Take a dive in the pool or stroll through the vegetable garden.

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