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Villa Campestri stimulates lateral thinking.

Not a day passes at Villa Campestri without someone in the family proposing a new idea. At times, these ideas are quite revolutionary like “OliveToLive”, our patented system for the preservation of Olive Oil, that has been adopted by fine Restaurants all over the world. This system has made us protagonists of new ways of thinking about taste. At times, our ideas are so original that they end up creating new trends.

One of these ideas is the Olive Tree Ritual Union, a symbolic celebration that takes place in our century-old olive groves.  During this ceremony, which is unofficial, words are spoken freely and Olive tree related objects are exchanged to seal a union between two people. This moving event is a novelty at the same time that it is somehow antique.  Emotions flow freely and intensely, and everything that occurs makes the event more memorable than official occasions.

We organize many other events that become unforgettable against the splendid backdrop of our Villa. They are unforgettable for the elegance of our organization and attention to detail; they are unforgettable for the unique sophistication of our Restaurant, L’Olivaia, which is always attentive to eco-friendly trends and new ways of thinking about taste. Perhaps we have become memorable for the many team-building activities that we propose. These activities help companies to consolidate group potentials with work that “gets in touch with the earth”. In what way? It’s very simple. We give gardening spades to the people of the team and then we send them out in the fields to plant Olive trees. Working together, and sharing in this earthy ritual may seem a bit “pagan” but it really works.

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