A Renaissance Villa reveals
its rural soul.
Your vacation comes to life.

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Welcome to Villa Campestri

Welcome to Tuscany. Welcome to our home. Welcome to our Suites full of history, to a Restaurant that speaks with a creative tone, to an Olive Oil collection chosen by award winning restaurants for its excellence, to our grounds with fruit that can be picked, cooked, and savored with us. You will become, even if it is for just one day, a true “Campestrian”.

What would you like to experience at Villa Campestri?

Country or chic? Romance or culture? Gourmet or casual? At Villa Campestri you can
choose a combination of things that you like best, thanks to the many facets of our
Resort and the different activities that we offer. If you should have any special wishes,
please share them with us. We will be happy to fulfill them.


An overnight stay? Discover your gift right away.

1 night?

Salus per Oleum, an Olive Oil caress
Starting from € 150,00
Plus a complimentary can of Cosimo’s Olive Oil

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2 nights?

Your vacation, an experience of the 5 senses
Starting from € 249,00
Plus a complimentary olive tree that you will plant with your own hands.

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3 nights?

Olive Oil enters into your family life
Starting from € 383,00
Plus free accommodation for children

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6 nights?

Full immersion in Tuscan Cuisine
Starting from € 1.350,00
Plus a complimentary collection of recipes from our cooking class

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Oleoteca®Villa Campestri. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Selection is used in some of the finest Restaurants of the world.

Our Olive Oil Resort is the first of its kind in the world. Renowned chefs have chosen our oil and adopted our patented system of its conservation. You can discover the reason for this either in our Restaurant, L’Olivaia, or during an Olive Oil tasting experience in the Oleoteca.

Discover OliveToLive History

If Ettore is crowing, it's time for a Special Offer!

Ettore is a rooster of few words; whenever he crows it is always to announce some interesting novelty such as the Early Bird Offer. This offer provides a 15% discount on reservations that are made 14 days ahead of time. Don’t miss all of the other special offers and package deals.