Eulogy to Incoherence among the hills of Mugello

Do you adore the refined charm of a historic Resort in the Tuscan hills as well as picking vegetables for a Tuscan ribollita that you will prepare with our Chef?
Can you imagine leaving a pool reflecting Giotto’s sky and finding yourself in the middle of a wine tour?
You may find our Restaurant L’Olivaia unmatchable and at the same time you will think that no other experience can compare to our Olive Oil Tasting Seminarin the Oleoteca.
Welcome to Villa Campestri, where incongruity is a virtue that we offer in more than 28 activities from which you can choose.
Come and immerge yourself in a unique experience of “Tuscanitude”.

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Unique experiences in balance with Nature in Mugello

Come and participate in the olive harvest, a ritual that takes place in harmony between people and Nature, an activity that offers the opportunity to work together for a common goal: the extraction of the precious Olive Oil. Through all the steps to get our superior Olive Oil, you can observe and participate in a real symphony. Find the contact with nature, with its rhythms, get dirty hands in the garden, touch the raw materials that will end up on the table. And this is not the end because once the Olive Oil is extracted from the fruits, the gold liquid will be used to carry out many other activities. Have you ever wondered how soap is made? Here at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort the soap making experience (the old fashion way) is reality: homemade and handcrafted. It is an experience not to be missed and to be tackled with a bit of imagination and inspiration: one of the ingredients you will use to make your soap bar is our top Olive Oil! The experiences you can enjoy in contact with nature are an educational path of personal growth through which it is possible to rediscover harmony with what it is surrounding you: a return to our ancestral origins when men were synchronized with the rhythm of Nature:

  • Trekking in our centuries-old park in Mugello;
  • Horseback riding and riding lessons;
  • Relax in the vegetable garden with the animals of the henhouse;
  • The secrets of honey and bees;
  • Fitness, Yoga and Massages immersed in Nature.
  • 360° Relaxation outside the box

    Even in wellness activities there is our creative and personal touch, always based on Olive Oil, the leitmotiv that binds all the experiences at our Resort in Mugello. At Villa Campestri you can also live an experience in a peculiar SPA in the heart of Tuscany, among the rolling hills of Mugello: our exclusive wellness area which we call SPO (Salus Per Oleum) offers massages with Olive Oil to regenerate the skin and the senses, and other wellness paths that range from Yoga to Shiatzu. In our Luxury Resort, relaxation is at 360 degree because well-being, in order to be complete, passes from the mind but also from the body: "Mens sana in corpore sano" recited the Latins.

    A sensory experience among the richness of Tuscan land

    At Villa Campestri in Mugello every experience combines ancient and modern aspects, in a sensory journey of knowledge and taste. A windfall for the body, and a balm for the mind, to reappropriate one's own health and one's own time. Touch and look closely at an apiary, an henhouse, pick up a freshly laid egg, take a fruit directly from the tree and bring it to the table for breakfast. In the frame of the cradle of the Renaissance, every step is a step in history.