Adventures in Tuscan Nature

Tuscan nature adventures of Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort

Adventures in the beautiful Tuscan nature can really satisfy all tastes. If you are a lover of the most extreme excursions or you prefer to discover wonderful artwork in parks and gardens, then the Tuscan nature fits for you!

Rafting in Mugello

As we said, Tuscan offers so many adventures to satisfy the need of adrenaline and contact with nature.

Trekking, free climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding are just some of the activities that Tuscan nature offers.

The most exciting of all is perhaps Rafting.

For example, Mugello, thanks to its enchanting watercourses, offers the opportunity to try this adventurous practice.

Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort is a strategic location for all rafting lovers, it is just a few kilometers from Lake Bilancino where the less experienced will be able to practice this sport safely, and it’s close to the two main waterways, Arno and Sieve .

But those who stay at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort will enjoy all the adventures that Tuscany has to offer, such as mountain biking tours using the bikes available to guests and experiencing all the trails that Villa Campestri has to offer.

For those who love adventure but are not so brave, then we recommend exploring the many Tuscan art parks.

Contemporary Art Parks in Tuscany

Easily reachable from Villa Campestri, Pistoia boasts two wonderful art parks where you can venture out of contemporary artwork in the green of beautiful gardens.

Villa Celle – Pistoia

After some changes of ownerships, in 1969 Villa Celle was bought by Giuliano Gori, an entrepreneur from Prato and a contemporary art collector who, during the years, has gathered here many environmental art oeuvres, transforming the property into a real open-air museum.

Site-specific art works made by some of the most well-known national and international artists are spread all over the park, among them we can quote: Alberto Burri, Stephen Cox, Roberto Barni, Fabrizio Corneli, Jean-Michel Folon, Ulrich Ruckriem, Robert Morris, Alice Aycock, Dennis Oppenheim, Dani Karavan, Beverly Pepper, Mauro Staccioli, Bukichi Inoue, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Jaume Plensa, Alan Sonfist, Frank Breidenbruch, A. R. Penck, Aiko Miyawaki, Giuseppe Spagnulo, Dani Karavan, Michel Gerard.

Pinocchio’s Park – Collodi (PT)

The Pinocchio’s Park located in Collodi is a urban, anthological garden, born from Rolando Anzillotti’s idea, Mayor of Pescia, who in 1951 thought of commemorating the author of the fairy tale, Carlo Lorenzini. He used as alias the name of the town – Collodi – becoming famous worldwide.

The concept should have been a monument allowing children and adults to live the story of Pinocchio again in a framework recalling the fairy tale atmosphere. So the vision of a garden of sculpture was born, a space-monument created by artists with the aim of bringing the little ones closer to art. Practically applying a form of ante litteram “environmental art”, the park was conceived as the first contemporary art oeuvre with a spaceenvironmental dimension in Tuscany, focused on the integration between nature, sculpture and architecture.

Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort is waiting you to experience exciting adventures in the Tuscan nature!

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