Charming hotels and luxury historic venues: your dream vacation!

Charming hotel and historic mansion of Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort

Elegant villas and residences where everything is studied in detail, fascinating places full of magic and romance to give you unique experiences. Here’s your new vacation super relax!

Why choose a charming hotel or a luxury historic home?

Never equal, always unique. Charming hotels and luxury historic venues offer an unforgettable experience for their guests. In fact, these structures are studied in every single detail, even from the point of view of design and style, offering an unbeatable atmosphere and comfort.

Thanks to their friendly and evocative atmosphere, they are perfect for all those who want to give a regenerating break from everyday stress. Enchanting places to experience true hospitality and to be seduced by unusual sensations.

There are countless types of facilities that throughout Italy welcome every day new guests: from the characteristic B & B, to the fascinating farmhouses, from the charming relais to the exclusive ancient mansions. All for relaxation and fun.

Villa Campestri, a magical place where charm and history live

Country or chic? Love or culture? Gourmet or relax? At Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort you can choose the right combination you need thanks to the different souls of our Resort and the many activities that can satisfy every interest.

A perfect mix between charming hotels and luxury historic homes, a wonderful Renaissance villa that shows all of its farm soul. Storyful Suites, a creative Restaurant, a renowned oleoteca that brings Oil Excellence to stunning Restaurants.

But not only. At Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort you will be able to relax between the wonderful frescoes of the chapel or the tapestries of the rooms with fireplace. Stroll through the century-old trees of the centuries-old park or choose between so many relaxation offers: massages with olive oil, yoga under the oaks, or moments of relaxation at the hen-house or in the pool.

An exclusive stay where you can enjoy the 28 different experiences that Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort can offer you: from hunting truffles to mountain biking, from wine tour to Tuscan cooking courses.

Your dream vacation? Here are three tips on how to choose the right structure

For a truly special and exclusive stay, you need to choose a structure that can perfectly accommodate guests and always put them in the center, where every space is furnished with refined elegance and organized in themed areas where you can enjoy the various activities / services.

Here are 3 tips for a perfect vacation:

  • Analyze the kind of holiday you want to do, then choose the type of stay, such as a great luxury hotel or a simpler Country House or even a Luxury Resort.
  • If you are looking for a luxury holiday, aim at a 4 or 5 star hotel. In a 4-star hotel you will have daily cleaning and change of linen, parking and 15-square-meter double rooms with a bathroom of at least 4 square meters. In a 5-star hotel you will also have a 24-hour reception with knowledge of at least three foreign languages, satellite television and 24-hour luggage transport.
  • If your goal is abroad, it’s always advisable to contact professionals such as tour operators or specialized travel agencies. Getting into the hands of the experts is a good choice to avoid holidays with nasty surprises.

If you are organizing your charming and relaxing vacation, then we look forward to welcoming you at Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort. Enjoy your private Renaissance experience with total relaxation in the rolling hills of Mugello!

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