The Extra Virgin Olive Oil properties and its uses

Extra Virgin Olive Oil properties

Extra Virgin Oil Olive is widely used in the Mediterranean diet because it is rich in beneficial properties for health and because it has a delicious and unmistakable flavor.

There are many uses of it. Let’s discover together properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The properties of extra virgin olive oil in antiquity

In ancient times there are many evidences of use of this dressing, that offer us thousand properties.

It was not only used to flavor foods, as well today, but also as a real cure able to treat many diseases.

Here are some famous use of extra virgin olive oil in ancient times:

  • Hippocrates recommended the fresh olive juice to treat mental illness and macerated olives packs to heal ulcers;
  • Plinio il Vecchio stated that “two are the most appreciated liquids to the human body: the wine inside, outside the oil.” The oil was also used to cure fevers, as an antidote for some poisons, as an anthelmintic, emollient and laxative;
  • In the Middle Ages and during the Renaissance the olive oil was also used to treat gynecological infections. To the oil were recognized strong properties in the treatment of heart disease, fever, and as a hypotensive, anti-diabetic or diuretic;
  • Until the end of the nineteenth century olive oil it was also used to treat ear infections, and as a mild laxative and, until a few years ago, older farmers used it to massage stunted children, to sprinkle the gums affected by periodontal disease, to treat stomach ache, and with revulsive herbs for hair loss.

What is Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Not all of the olive oil can be called extra virgin.

The Extra Virgin Olive oil is obtained from the first pressing of olives by mechanical processes, therefore without recourse to chemicals processes, avoiding conditions that may cause deterioration of the oil.

Only fresh and first quality olives, cultured and immediatly juices, which have not undergone other treatment in addition to washing, separation from twigs and leaves, centrifugation and filtration.

With this production system, the oil keeps unchanged the lipid content as well the content of “minor components”, in particular antioxidants.

Antioxidants are vital to the psychological well-being and a for a proper diet.

While in extra-virgin olive oil are present in large quantities in all other types of oil, during the refining process, antioxidants are almost halved or lost.

The extra virgin olive oil and its properties to combat obesity

Thanks to its properties, the olive oil is a key food in the Mediterranean diet.

Numerous studies conducted in countries where it is followed a Mediterranean diet shows a lower prevalence of obesity.

Many international studies have shown that the use of extra virgin olive oil is not associated with an increase in body weight.

In obese patients, low-calorie diets with relatively high fat (for the olive oil content) have been shown to be as effective as traditional low-calorie diets.

The lack of a fattening effect of diets rich in olive oil is explained by its satiating effect.

The olive oil and its healthy effects due to its beneficial properties plays an important role in the prevention of many diseases.


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